Falkland Islands / Malvinas

Falkland Islands / Malvinas

Thu, 24 Sep 2020 08:14:00 GMT
Planning for the Falklands 2021/22 season and beyond
The Falkland Islands Tourist Board has also worked alongside the Government to identify ways in which it too could assist with helping position the sector to take advantage of demand in 2021/22 and beyond. To this end the touri...

Thu, 24 Sep 2020 08:10:00 GMT
Falklands announces support schemes for the tourism industry
The Falkland Islands Government provided details on Wednesday of a range of support schemes designed specifically to mitigate the effects of the global pandemic on tourism businesses, operators, and employees over the next twel...

Wed, 23 Sep 2020 08:55:00 GMT
Argentine president again claims the Falklands before the UN General Assembly
Argentine president Alberto Fernández again called on the UK to resume dialogue on the South Atlantic Islands and iterated his country's legitimate and imprescriptible sovereignty rights over the Falklands/Malvinas Islands, du...

Wed, 23 Sep 2020 08:45:00 GMT
Falklands votes on Thursday on a single electoral constituency referendum
Next Thursday, 24 September, Falklanders will be going to the polls to vote on a referendum on a Single electoral Constituency for the whole archipelago. Currently, there are two constituencies in the Falklands, Stanley the cap...

Wed, 23 Sep 2020 08:24:00 GMT
Falkland Islands quarry enlists crushing and screening train from Sandvik
The Falklands Pony’s Pass Quarry is a busy site at the heart of industrial operations and produces 160,000 tons per annum of quartzitic sandstone using a state-of-the-art mobile crushing and screening train.