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'Idiots of the century' swim in baited croc trap
A group of men seen swimming inside a baited crocodile trap in Australia near where a woman was recently eaten were blasted as "idiots of the century" Tuesday.Photos posted on Facebook showed the four men clamouring on the floating trap set near a ma...

Mon, 23 Oct 2017 23:44:16 GMT
Ronaldo named FIFA's player of the year
Cristiano Ronaldo's stunning last season saw him win the 2017 Best FIFA men's player of the year trophy as Real Madrid dominated a star-studded awards ceremony in London on Monday.

A fifth of women over 65 in Europe disabled by 2047: study
More than one in five women and a sixth of men in Europe over the age of 65 will be afflicted by serious physical disabilities before mid-century, according to a study published Tuesday.That is only somewhat higher than the proportion today, but agei...

Trump on 'wrong side of history' on climate: Ban Ki-moon
US President Donald Trump is "standing on the wrong side of history" in withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, former UN chief Ban Ki-moon told AFP in London on Monday."I am deeply concerned about what President Trump of (the) United States has d...

EU reaches compromise on low-cost eastern labour
EU ministers on Monday struck a compromise after marathon talks about low-cost labour from eastern and central Europe, a decision affecting workers posted temporarily to more affluent bloc members.Since 2004, when several eastern and central countrie...

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Mon, 23 Oct 2017 12:54:37 GMT
New noise levels giving French clubbers headaches
France's superstar DJ Laurent Garnier banded together with the country's top nightclubs on Monday to sound the alarm about new noise restrictions imposed on music venues.

Mon, 23 Oct 2017 12:52:23 GMT
Hamilton triumphs in Austin, inches closer to fourth title
Lewis Hamilton inched closer to his fourth world championship after winning the United States Grand Prix. Hamilton has taken a 66-point lead over Sebastian Vettel who finished a distant second in the race.

Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:51:14 GMT
African press review 23 October 2017
The WHO cancel's Mugabe's appointment as goodwill envoy after international uproar. Back in Zimbabwe, the press wonders why the 93-year old puts himself under such unnecessary strain.

Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:34:53 GMT
French press review 23 October 2017
Crisis in Spain escalates as Catalan parties prepare their response to Madrid's take-over of the region's affairs.

Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:01:08 GMT
Corsica wildfire ravages 2,000 hectares of forest
A wildfire tearing through the French island of Corsica has destroyed 2,000 hectares of forest, but no longer poses a threat to villages in the area, emergency services said on Monday.

French News Online

Wed, 02 Mar 2016 11:43:32 +0000
The Days when Paris Billboards were Humped Around by Promenading Camels
Tweet Paris street furniture has changed dramatically over the centuries and today’s hoardings are sophisticated digital advertising channels; but there once was a time when promenading... Visit our website for the rest of the story

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 16:03:12 +0000
France 24 Explains ‘Laicité’: The Ins and Outs of State Secularism
Tweet France’s brand of secularism or ‘laicité’ – designed fully to separate Church and State and private from public manifestations of faith  — is quite particular and... Visit our website for the rest of the story ...

Sat, 06 Feb 2016 22:24:30 +0000
France TV: Children in Danger as Farmers Spray 65,000t of Pesticides on Farms Each Year
Tweet France is the biggest pesticides user in the European Union with French farms and vineyards spraying 65,000 tonnes of pesticide a year, much of which is noxious to humans, the environment and... Visit our website for the rest of the story ...

Wed, 03 Feb 2016 11:27:43 +0000
France 24 What’s in the Papers: Figaro Sounds Radicalisation Alarm
Tweet In this France 24 review of the French papers for February 3, Le Figaro sounds the alarm over the spread of radical Islam in France publishing a map showing 8250 individuals radicalised by... Visit our website for the rest of the story ...

Mon, 01 Feb 2016 17:40:28 +0000
Spectacular Failure To Deal With Migrant Crisis Sparks Anger in Small Saxony Town
Tweet The European Union has, in the view of some observers, spectacularly failed to act decisively and in unison over the Merkel-incited “great mass walk-in” across Europe that has... Visit our website for the rest of the story ...

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