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Develop altruism as an attitude
To add value to the self and the stakeholders around, we need to develop altruism (giving to anyone without expectation in return) as an attitude towards life. Giving anything including suggestion is an attitude. Seeking advice is a humble attitude t...

VP Pierre Demarche talks acquisition of TeleSign by BICS and creating a Silicon Valley success
As the Vice President of Product and Marketing at TeleSign, Pierre Demarche has a plethora of responsibilities that directly result in the continued success of this leading Silicon Valley tech enterprise. Telesign is a Communications Platform as a Se...

Article published in Merinews cited in study done at Nigerian university
The article of Dr Lalit Kishore "Girls, women in science & technology education", who is researcher at Disha in Jaipur and citizen journalist, has been cited in a study at a Nigerian University. The article was published in merinews. com in 2008 w...

John Wate brings authentic Japanese culture to 'Samurai Headhunters' documentary
Whenever John Wate steps onto a film set, puts his eye to a camera lens, and starts making a movie, he is living his dream. Directing is a pleasure he can't compare to anything else; it allows him to be in tune with what is happening in front of him,...

America observes National Peanut Day
America observed the National Peanut Day on September 13 and an enthusiastic celebration has been reported in California. Facebook friend TD Garg, informed about this national day with a picture and pertinent information about the observance with a p...