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Wed, 21 Mar 2018 18:39:41 GMT
Pope Francis to visit Ireland in August
The trip will be the first papal visit to Ireland for 40 years, but the Pope will not be visiting NI.

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:54:13 GMT
Ian Paisley calls for apology from Sir Patrick Coghlin
The DUP MP rejects allegations that he was involved in an "intimidatory" phone call.

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:58:24 GMT
World Butchers' Challenge hits Belfast
The World Butchers' Challenge is held in Northern Ireland for the first time.

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 19:47:13 GMT
Brexit: Donald Tusk upbeat on prospect of Irish border deal
European Council president is upbeat about the prospects for a deal on the Irish border.

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 18:56:34 GMT
Commons passes bill on cutting MLA pay
The NI Secretary confirms a planned £500 pay increase for assembly members will not proceed.

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