Mon, 15 Jun 2020 15:20:21 GMT
Sudan Airports Closed Until June 28
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -The Sudanese government extended the closure of all airports in the country for passenger traffic until June 28 as part of the coronavirus (Covid-19) precautions.

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 11:15:19 GMT
Soldier Killed, Three Women Abducted in North Darfur
[Radio Dabanga] Dubo El Omda -A member of the Sudan Armed Forces was shot dead by gunmen in eastern Jebel Marra on Tuesday. In south-west Jebel Marra, a farmer was injured.

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 10:13:59 GMT
Security Arrangements Committees Continue Sessions
[SNA] Khartoum -The security arrangement committees of the government and the armed struggle movements continue sessions on Darfur Track through the video conference from Khartoum and Juba.

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 10:13:56 GMT
Kushib's Trial Is Victory for Justice - JEM
[SNA] Ibrahim has described bringing Ali Kushib before the ICC as a victory to justice and the victims of Al-Basher's and his facist defunct regime.

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 10:13:53 GMT
Sudan Lauds EU Role to Curb COVID-19 Outbreak
[SNA] Khartoum -The government, on Thursday, lauded the "unprecedented" assistances extended by the European Union (EU) states, particularly, France and Sweden, thanking the EU leaderships and the member-states for the good initiative that affirms th...