Wed, 10 Aug 2022 06:01:00 Z
Russia planning to connect nuclear plant to Crimea: Ukrainian operator
Russian forces occupying the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in southeast Ukraine are preparing to connect to Crimea, annexed by Moscow in 2014, and are damaging it by reorienting its electricity production, Ukrainian operator Energoatom warned Tuesday.

Tue, 09 Aug 2022 12:53:00 Z
Türkiye’s Abdülhamid Han drillship sails for mission in Med Sea
Türkiye’s new advanced drilling ship, Abdülhamid Han, will launch drilling activities in Yörükler 1 well, 55 kilometers off Gazipaşa district of Antalya province in the Eastern Mediterranean, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Aug. 9.

Tue, 09 Aug 2022 11:35:00 Z
Akar urges Russia, US to keep promises regarding terrorist removal
Russia and the United States have given assurances about the removal of terrorists in Syria, and Türkiye expects them to fulfill their promises, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Aug. 9, noting that if they had met these promises before, the retu...

Wed, 10 Aug 2022 07:38:00 Z
Cemevi leader appreciates president’s visit
The religious leader of Hüseyin Gazi Cemevi, an Alevi house of worship, where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with the Alevi and Bektashi associations on Aug. 8, has appreciated the visit, which came after five different attacks on Alevi institu...

Wed, 10 Aug 2022 04:00:00 Z
Eastern Express tickets sold out until mid-August
Tickets for the Eastern Express, an overnight passenger train that runs from the capital Ankara to the northeastern province of Kars, have been sold out until Aug. 17.

World Bulletin

Tue, 09 Aug 2022 19:11:10 +0300
US companies announce $50 billion in additional investments in chips, science bill
CHIPS and Science Act to boost American semiconductor research, development, production, White House says.

Tue, 09 Aug 2022 19:09:38 +0300
US to end Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy
Decision to allow asylum seekers to cross border on day of their hearings and stay in US while waiting for outcome.

Tue, 09 Aug 2022 19:07:18 +0300
Western sanctions to 'punish' Russia are futile: Kremlin
Countries trying to 'punish' Russia are already footing the bill, says spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

Tue, 09 Aug 2022 19:05:54 +0300
Israeli, Russian presidents discuss Jewish immigration agency crisis
Crisis emerged between Israel, Russia after Moscow's move to outlaw Jewish Agency in Russia.

Tue, 09 Aug 2022 19:03:54 +0300
Syrians in Iraqi camps cannot return to their homes due to PKK terror group
We want to go back if Syria becomes safe again, says a camp resident.