Pakistan World News

Fri, 22 Jan 21 08:59:49 +0500
Syrian air defenses confront "Israeli aggression" in Hama: state media
After reporting that explosions were heard

Fri, 22 Jan 21 07:36:04 +0500
Trapped China gold miners have to wait 15 days for rescue
A total of 22 workers were trapped underground after an explosion at the Hushan mine in Qixia

Fri, 22 Jan 21 06:38:05 +0500
Biden warns dark days ahead as he outlines Covid plan
'We didn't get into this mess overnight, and it is going to take months for us to turn things around,' says Biden

Fri, 22 Jan 21 07:28:08 +0500
Biden seeks five-year extension of New START arms treaty with Russia
In a statement the Pentagon said that Americans were “much safer” with the treaty intact and extended

Thu, 21 Jan 21 11:36:11 +0500
New Covid-19 variant defeats plasma treatment, may reduce vaccine efficacy
It is one of several new variants discovered in recent months, including others first found in England and Brazil

Fri, 22 Jan 21 06:48:39 +0500
Vaccine inequalities may expose world to ‘immunity gap’
Administration of vaccines against Covid has begun in 52 nations

Fri, 22 Jan 21 09:28:14 +0500
China finds coronavirus cluster in major chicken processing plant
Ten confirmed cases were found in a factory which slaughters 50 million chickens a year

Fri, 22 Jan 21 06:42:21 +0500
US recommitment 'good day for global health': WHO chief
Top infectious disease expert Fauci says US will join COVAX facility to get vaccines to those most in need

Fri, 22 Jan 21 06:34:15 +0500
EU postpones issuing ‘vaccination passports’
Bloc decides to strongly deter all non-essential travel within EU and with third countries

Wed, 20 Jan 21 06:31:27 +0500
Trump's legacy: A more divided America, a more unsettled world
Thousands dying daily from the Covid pandemic, with badly damaged economy and a surge in political violence

Wed, 20 Jan 21 11:02:43 +0500
Biden health nominee would be highest-ranking transgender official
She would be the highest-ranking transgender official in the US government

Thu, 21 Jan 21 14:11:44 +0500
Song at Biden-Harris inauguration slammed for colonial theme
Some Native American viewers say This Land Is Your Land song celebrates ‘indigenous genocide’, ‘stolen land’

Thu, 21 Jan 21 12:57:35 +0500
Still separated: Covid-19 order keeps families apart after Biden lifts 'Muslim ban'
Trump administration’s had barred people from a number of mostly Muslim-majority nations from coming to US

Thu, 21 Jan 21 16:37:59 +0500
With no self-pardon in hand, Trump faces uncertain legal future
Experts say self-pardon violates basic principle that no person should be judge in his or her own case

Thu, 21 Jan 21 06:41:48 +0500
Biden swiftly begins sweeping away Trump's immigration barriers
Experts warn that it will take months or longer to unravel many of the restrictions

Thu, 21 Jan 21 13:52:14 +0500
Dubai cancels non-essential surgery, live entertainment as Covid-19 cases surge
Coronavirus cases in UAE hit a record 3,506 on Wednesday, highest in Gulf Arab region

Thu, 21 Jan 21 07:44:55 +0500
India's Bharat Biotech seeks Bangladesh trial for Covid vaccine approved at home
Bangladesh, however, has no immediate plans to buy COVAXIN

Thu, 21 Jan 21 17:45:36 +0500
At least 15 killed, 11 injured in nursing home fire in Ukraine
The fire broke out in the afternoon on the second floor of the two-storey building

Thu, 21 Jan 21 15:07:03 +0500
Pope, due to visit Iraq in March, condemns Baghdad attack
In a statement issued by the Vatican, Pope condemned the attack as 'senseless act of brutality'

Thu, 21 Jan 21 16:32:44 +0500
Dinosaur found in Argentina may be largest yet: scientists
98-million-year-old fossils in southwest Argentina may have belonged to the largest dinosaur ever discovered

Thu, 21 Jan 21 18:42:42 +0500
Pakistan banks on ‘shared interests’ in US ties
Islamabad says Delhi evasive on horrific incident in Jodhpur

Thu, 21 Jan 21 13:11:07 +0500
Major fire at India vaccine plant but coronavirus drug production goes on
Serum Institute of India is producing millions of doses of the Covishield coronavirus vaccine

Fri, 22 Jan 21 06:02:13 +0500
UN, pope hail launch of anti-nuclear treaty
Treaty seeks to prohibit use, development, production, testing, stationing, stockpiling and threat of nuclear weapons