Tue, 29 Sep 2020 09:00:44 +0000
Orban demands resignation of EU commissioner for insulting Hungarians
Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova of making “derogatory public statements” suggesting Hungarians are building a “sick democracy.” Read Full Article at RT.com

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 08:30:09 +0000
Amnesty International shutters operations in India after ‘constant harassment’ from government
Amnesty International has suspended its work in India after the government blocked its funds in the country. The non-governmental organization (NGO) claims it has been unfairly persecuted by New Delhi. Read Full Article at RT.com ...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 08:07:54 +0000
Baku denies having F-16s on Air Force inventory, rebukes reports of Turkish US-built jet downed over Nagorno-Karabakh
Baku’s defense officials refuted “disinformation” reports that Turkish F-16 fighters support Azeri troops in ongoing battles in Nagorno-Karabakh. Yerevan earlier warned it will deploy tactical missiles if the jets are used. Read F...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 07:26:00 +0000
Russian ruble will recover despite current volatility, Kremlin says
The ruble will undoubtedly rebound from recent losses as it has done before, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said after the currency touched multi-month lows on Tuesday. Read Full Article at RT.com

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 07:13:30 +0000
'MAD-vedev': Russian hothead Daniil Medvedev demolishes racket as he suffers meltdown in French Open defeat (VIDEO)
Daniil Medvedev suffered a mid-match meltdown as the Russian was sent crashing out of the French Open in the first round by Hungary's Marton Fucsovics. Read Full Article at RT.com

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 07:12:33 +0000
‘Special intelligence’ shows Pyongyang issued ORDER to burn body of South Korea official, Seoul opposition leader claims
The South Korean military has already verified that North Korea burned the corpse of a government official they shot last week, an opposition leader has disclosed. Pyongyang denies it tampered with the body. Read Full Article at RT.com ...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 06:36:45 +0000
UNSC convenes for emergency meeting as Nagorno-Karabakh fighting continues into 3rd day
The UN Security Council is set to gather later on Tuesday to discuss the crisis in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, where Armenian and Azeri forces are fighting in one of the worst flare-ups of the decades-old conflict. Read Full A...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 05:20:00 +0000
‘You can’t even keep the lights on!’ EPA chief mocks California’s 2035 ban on sales of gas-powered cars
The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency has panned California’s new goal of outlawing sales of gas-powered cars by 2035, insisting the plan is neither legal nor practical given the state’s current power grid problems. Rea...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 04:36:00 +0000
Kentucky AG to release grand jury records in Breonna Taylor case after juror files motion to disclose details of proceedings
Kentucky’s attorney general will release a recording from the grand jury probe into the death of Breonna Taylor, saying he would do so hours after a juror on the case filed a motion to go public with details about the proceeding. Read...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 02:32:00 +0000
Covid-19 death toll tops 1 MILLION worldwide as pandemic spikes in US, Brazil & Europe
The coronavirus has claimed more than one million lives around the globe, the latest dark ‘milestone’ for the worldwide pandemic first detected some 10 months ago, which continues to spread across several hotspots. Read Full Article...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 01:56:00 +0000
Never mind the body bags from Serbia to Syria: British Labour Party MP nominates Joe Biden for Nobel Peace Prize
Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by UK Labour Party lawmaker Chris Bryant, who credited the politician for easting political tensions amid violent protests across the US. Read Full Art...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 01:02:00 +0000
Major US health care firm hit by cyberattack, forcing hospitals to revert to ‘pen and paper’
Universal Health Services, one of the largest US for-profit hospital operators, was hit by a massive cyberattack over the weekend, reportedly forcing staff at some of its facilities to record patient data with “pen and paper.” Read ...

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 00:16:00 +0000
Police departments across US report ‘nationwide’ 911 OUTAGE, possibly caused by Microsoft cloud glitch
A number of police departments around the United States have reported that their 911 services are down, a widespread outage believed to be linked to a glitch in Microsoft cloud computing platform Azure. Read Full Article at RT.com ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 23:40:00 +0000
Turkey hiring Syrian rebels to fight Armenians for Azerbaijan, Guardian claims as Baku calls mercenary reports ‘nonsense’
Rebels from Syria’s Idlib province are being recruited by Turkey to fight in Azerbaijan’s conflict with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh, just as it has done in Libya, the Guardian reported citing several of the militants. Read Full Ar...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 23:13:00 +0000
WATCH: Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale slammed to the pavement by cops during arrest after alleged suicide threat
Brad Parscale, who was demoted from his job as President Donald Trump's campaign manager in July, was suddenly tackled and slammed to the pavement by Fort Lauderdale, Florida police after his wife said he threatened suicide. Read Full A...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:42:00 +0000
NYC civilian voters sent military absentee ballots, sparking fears votes will go uncounted
Dozens of voters in the NYC borough of Queens have received military absentee ballots, despite never having served. While the Board of Elections has insisted the ballots are “correct,” some fear their votes could be challenged. Read...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:32:00 +0000
Armenia warns it will deploy Russian-made Iskander missiles if Turkey uses American-built F-16 jets in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
Armenia is prepared to use Russian-made Iskander ballistic missiles in the Nagorno-Karabakh region if Turkey deploys its American-built F-16 fighter jets in support of the Azeri offensive, officials insisted on Monday. Read Full Article...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:16:00 +0000
Greek police clash with protesters at rally against Pompeo's visit to Athens (VIDEOS)
Hundreds of people took to the streets in Athens and Thessaloniki to protest the arrival of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Greece, with clashes erupting outside the American embassy in the capital. Read Full Article at RT.com ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:12:24 +0000
Maryland county to pay $20mn in ‘heinous,’ ‘brutal’ & ‘senseless’ shooting of HANDCUFFED black man by black police officer
Maryland's Prince George's County agreed to pay a $20-million settlement – one of the largest ever in a police-brutality case – to the family of a black man who was shot dead by a black officer while handcuffed in a patrol car. Read...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:09:00 +0000
Armenia claims Azerbaijani artillery attacks are intensifying as Nagorno-Karabakh officials allege they've downed Azeri warplane
Fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh intensified, on Monday, with heavy civilian and military casualties reported amid disputed claims of an Azeri warplane being shot down. Read F...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:01:00 +0000
More water on Mars: Researchers say they've found SALTY LAKES under red planet’s polar ice cap
Elon Musk’s plans to colonize Mars just got a shot in the arm, as Italian researchers announced the discovery of multiple bodies of liquid water under the ice caps of its south pole – meaning the red planet could support life. Read ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:00:18 +0000
‘Gee, I wonder why?’ Trump bashes Biden campaign’s drug-test refusal as MSM renew push to CANCEL ‘useless’ debates
US President Donald Trump has pointed to rival Joe Biden's refusal to be drug-tested before Tuesday's debate, after accusing the Democrat candidate of doping. Meanwhile, pundits are ramping up calls to cancel the debate entirely. Read F...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 20:48:01 +0000
Ex-cop pleads NOT GUILTY to endangerment charges in Breonna Taylor shooting case
A former Louisville police officer has pleaded not guilty to charges of wanton endangerment in connection to the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. Charges against two other officers involved in the incident were dropped last week. Read ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 20:12:34 +0000
Trump campaign sought to ‘deter’ 3.5mn black Americans from voting with algorithmic suppression in 2016 – report
Millions of Americans, disproportionately black, were targeted by algorithmic voter suppression methods deployed by then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign to keep them away from the voting booth, a new report claims. Read Full Ar...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 19:26:00 +0000
Renewed Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict a new threat to Russia's delicate balancing act with key player Turkey
Azerbaijan has never forgotten its 1990s humiliation at the hands of Armenia. Now stronger than its sworn enemy, and emboldened by Turkish support, Baku’s assertiveness is creating a headache for Moscow. Read Full Article at RT.com ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 19:19:01 +0000
Three children among five civilians killed in rocket attack outside Baghdad airport
Two women and three children were killed when two Katyusha rockets struck a residential area near Baghdad airport on Monday, Iraq’s military has said, in what were the first civilian casualties in months from attacks in the city. Read...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 18:55:00 +0000
'Human trash': Paulo Costa swears revenge against Israel Adesanya after seeing X-rated post-fight celebrations at UFC 253 (VIDEO)
Defeated UFC middleweight title challenger Paulo Costa has sworn revenge against Israel Adesanya after seeing footage of his rival 'air-humping' him in the cage and taunting his coach immediately after his win. Read Full Article at RT.c...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 18:33:00 +0000
New UFC champ Jan Blachowicz mobbed by fans as he returns to Poland with title after praise from fight queen Joanna (VIDEO)
Newly installed light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz was given a rapturous welcome as he returned to his native Poland from 'Fight Island' with UFC gold draped over his shoulder following his victory against Dominick Reyes. Read Fu...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 18:25:00 +0000
Belarusian Nobel Literature prize winner & leading opposition figure Alexievich leaves country but insists she’s not fleeing
Belarusian Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich, a key member of the opposition's Coordination Council, has departed the country for Germany. Her assistant says she has left for personal reasons, and will soon return. Read Full Articl...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 18:00:31 +0000
Over 5,000 Russians have taken world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, none have reported serious side effects
Trials of Russia’s Sputnik V, the world’s first registered vaccine against Covid-19, are going well, and giving hope of a return to normality. That's according to a statement from the ministry of health in Moscow. Read Full Article ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 17:22:11 +0000
UK Tory MPs slam 10pm Covid-19 curfew on bars as ‘sick experiment’ as pub-goers throng streets & party at home
Members of PM Boris Johnson's own party have condemned the UK's "idiotic" 10pm curfew, arguing it does "more harm than good" after observing pub-goers taking the party outside or into private homes where they can't be monitored. Read Fu...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 17:19:45 +0000
'I'd love this to happen... he'd get annihilated': Fans mock KSI after YouTuber claims he could beat boxing legend Mike Tyson
YouTuber KSI has raised more than a few eyebrows by claiming he could come out on top against former undisputed heavyweight boxing world champion Mike Tyson, 54. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 17:05:52 +0000
Malta seeks return of ancient shark tooth gifted to British prince by David Attenborough
A prehistoric shark tooth that was gifted to Britain’s Prince George by zoologist David Attenborough last week is being sought by Malta, which argues that the artifact should be on display where it was originally excavated. Read Full ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:59:13 +0000
Trained by Trump? Raccoons ATTACK journalists at White House (PHOTOS)
A gang of raccoons attacked journalists outside the White House, with one of the trash pandas allegedly grabbing a photographer and a correspondent. Are they President Trump’s anti-media stormtroopers, people on Twitter ask. Read Full...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:58:21 +0000
Astronomers reveal 'surprising' massive cluster of 'ancient' stars at the heart of our galaxy
A group of international scientists has found a previously unknown "ancient stellar population" with rather unusual properties hiding in plain sight – right in the center of our galaxy. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:53:54 +0000
The future is now: NFL MVPs Mahomes and Jackson to battle for ascendency in showdown between league's standout quarterbacks
The two most recent NFL MVPs, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, are set for a titanic primetime showdown on Monday night in the opening exchanges of a rivalry which promises to define the league for a decade or more Read Full Article a...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:41:51 +0000
'Misogynistic & male-dominated': Aussie surf bombshell opens up on darker side of sport after launching X-rated website
Australian former pro-surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey – who has launched her own X-rated website – has opened up on the mental and physical abuse she says received during her time in the surfing industry. Read Full Article at RT.com ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:13:20 +0000
'Kepa, just get out': Chelsea fans beg Frank Lampard to replace calamity 'keeper but Blues boss hits out at 'unfair' criticism
Chelsea fans have implored Frank Lampard not to play goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, but the coach has defended the Spaniard and branded criticism of him as “unfair.” Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 15:54:00 +0000
Explosion at chemical plant in central China kills 5, rescue efforts ongoing
Five people were killed and one injured at an explosion in Tianmen City in the Chinese province of Hubei on Monday, after an equipment test went wrong at a local chemical plant. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 15:40:51 +0000
Not so bird-brained: Scientists prove crows are capable of conscious thought for 1st time
It’s news that may unsettle fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds,’ but scientists have proven that crows possess a form of consciousness and are smarter than they’ve been given credit for. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 15:30:08 +0000
Anti-Trumpers dismiss ex-campaign manager's mental health issues, say he doesn't deserve compassion after reported suicide bid
Some of Donald Trump's detractors took to Twitter to JEER after his former campaign manager Brad Parscale was reportedly hospitalized following a mental breakdown and suicide attempt. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 15:15:03 +0000
‘Bullying behavior’: China accuses Trump administration of ‘abusing power’ by trying to ban TikTok
Beijing has accused the White House of abusing its “national power” by trying to squeeze TikTok, and demanded that the US provide a non-discriminatory business environment for foreign companies working in the country. Read Full Arti...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 15:09:00 +0000
Time to end 'occupation' of Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkish leader Erdogan tells Armenia as border clashes with Azerbaijan continue
Peace will be achieved in Nagorno-Karabakh only if Armenia ends its "occupation" and vacates the inherently "Azerbaijani land," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared as fighting over the disputed region continues. Read Ful...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 15:06:00 +0000
Serena Williams overcomes first-set struggle to reach second round at French Open
Serena Williams came through a first-set battle to defeat fellow American Kristie Ahn in the French Open first round, as Williams continued her quest for an elusive 24th Grand Slam title. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:56:00 +0000
‘I won’t hit you hard, but I will hit you beautifully!’ Russian female MMA fighter Semenova calls out pop star Buzova
Russian female MMA fighter and boxer Angelina Semenova has bizarrely called out pop star and television personality Olga Buzova for a boxing match, promising not to hit the singer too hard but instead “beautifully”. Read Full Articl...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:48:28 +0000
‘We should not be taken for fools’: Hungary & Poland hit back at Brussels with institute aimed at scrutinizing rule-of-law in EU
Budapest and Warsaw have decided to beat Brussels at its own game by announcing the creation of an institute that would monitor violations of law within the EU, after the bloc accused the two member states of breaching the law. Read Ful...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:46:25 +0000
If you can't beat them, ban them: Twitter no longer showing search results from well-known Russian state news agency RIA Novosti
Twitter has shadow-banned well-known Russian news agency RIA Novosti. In practice, the move means users will no longer see the agency's tweets in the website's search results, unless they follow the media organization's account. Read Fu...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:41:36 +0000
Russian Arctic Sea route shipping to top 32 million tons this year – Rosatom
The volume of cargo transported via Russia's Northern Sea Route (NSR) is constantly growing and could top expectations by the end of the year, said Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom Alexey Likhachev. Read F...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:34:24 +0000
Foreign aid workers on Lesbos probed for helping traffickers deliver migrants to Greece
Greek police have launched a criminal investigation into dozens of foreign aid workers on the island of Lesbos, who were allegedly in cahoots with human traffickers, delivering illegal migrants to Greece from Turkey. Read Full Article a...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:32:39 +0000
Uber regains London licence after court ruling. That's a DISASTER, drivers of city's iconic black cabs claim
Ride-hailing app Uber has won its legal battle to hold an operating licence in London, after Transport for London's decision last year not to renew its permit. Drivers of the city's black cabs have already slammed the ruling. Read Full ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:25:00 +0000
Ukraine ace Zavatska out of French Open after 'running out of rackets' in deciding set
Katarina Zavatska has been eliminated from the French Open by fifth seed Kiki Bertens after she crumbled in the third set after reportedly being forced to use an unfamiliar racket after suffering numerous equipment malfunctions. Read Fu...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:57:14 +0000
New balls please: British ace says he 'wouldn’t give French Open balls to a dog' as he becomes latest star to savage tournament
Britain’s Dan Evans became the latest player to slam the French Open’s new balls following his first-round defeat to Kei Nishikori at Roland Garros on Sunday, suggesting he wouldn’t even let a dog chew on them. Read Full Article a...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:54:00 +0000
Coronavirus crisis not as bad for Russian economy as 2008 financial crash – Alexei Kudrin to RT
The Russian economy is coping better with the Covid-19 pandemic than it did after the global financial crisis, the head of Russia’s Accounts Chamber and ex-finance minister, Alexei Kudrin, said in an exclusive interview with RT. Read ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:48:32 +0000
Statue of Liberty-sized space rock among FIVE headed towards Earth warns NASA
In its latest bulletin, NASA has warned of five Near-Earth Objects headed towards our planet this week, one of which is larger than the Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile, the agency is gearing up for its asteroid-sampling mission. Read Full ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:33:50 +0000
Barcelona teen sensation Fati 'denied Man of the Match award for being underage' after star showing in La Liga opener
Ansu Fati, 17, was reportedly unable to be named as the Man of the Match despite scoring twice in Barcelona’s 4-0 win over Villarreal on Sunday because he is “underage,” and the award is sponsored by beer company Budweiser. Read F...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:27:30 +0000
‘You killed Islamic State’s #1 enemy’: Iranian FM Zarif skewers US over Soleimani assassination as Tehran ratchets up rhetoric
Washington boasts about defeating Islamic State, but instead, it vanquished the terrorist group’s most formidable foe, Quds Commander Qassem Soleimani, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said. Read Full Article at RT.co...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:24:21 +0000
Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny confirms Angela Merkel visited him in Berlin hospital, expresses gratitude to Chancellor
German Chancellor Angela Merkel met privately with Russian anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny while he was hospitalized in Berlin. Their meeting was kept secret until it was leaked by Der Spiegel news magazine on Sunday. Read Full ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:17:00 +0000
Armenia braced for LONG WAR in Nagorno-Karabakh, PM Pashinyan's adviser warns saying Turkey behaves like ‘regional terminator’
The ongoing fighting over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region is unlikely to end quickly, a top Armenian official has warned. He said Yerevan is preparing for a protracted conflict, not least because of Turkey’s role in events. Read ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 12:54:00 +0000
'The Saudis are loyal to Khabib': Russian UFC star's manager mocks talk of McGregor boxing bout in Middle East
Conor McGregor's plans of facing Manny Pacquiao in a blockbuster boxing match in the Middle East are unlikely to happen because key players in the region are loyal to UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Russian's manager says. Read Fu...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 12:46:00 +0000
Resistance Twitter thinks walls are closing in on Trump after sharing fake info that Jared Kushner abruptly deleted all tweets
Donald Trump's detractors actively spread info about his son-in-law apparently covering up cyber tracks by purging tweets, after media claims that the president was a tax evader. Turns out Jared Kushner never tweeted at all. Read Full A...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 12:07:51 +0000
WATCH: Anti-lockdown riots continue in Madrid, as police response grows increasingly violent
Anti-lockdown protests and violence continued over the weekend in Madrid, as clashes between citizens and police grew increasingly violent. Video shared to social media showcases the increasing violence. Read Full Article at RT.com ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 11:56:19 +0000
EU expresses ‘disappointment’ over resignation of Lebanon’s PM-designate, urges ‘unity’ amid political chaos
Brussels has relayed its dissatisfaction with the political gridlock that led to the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister-designate, Mustapha Adib, stressing that the country must urgently form a new government. Read Full Article a...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 11:50:00 +0000
'Beyond ridiculously unfair': Bitter Brighton fan launches petition to overturn Man Utd penalty awarded AFTER full-time whistle
A Brighton & Hove Albion fan has taken their anger to the extreme by petitioning the Premier League to overturn the decision to award Manchester United a penalty after the final whistle in their 3-2 defeat on Saturday. Read Full Article...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 11:44:17 +0000
Spanish Supreme Court confirms Catalan leader Quim Torra will be forced to step down, likely triggering election
Spain’s Supreme Court has upheld a decision to remove Catalan separatist leader Quim Torra from his position as head of the autonomous region. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 11:16:03 +0000
Merkel reportedly fears Germany could see nearly 20,000 daily Covid-19 cases, but opposes economy-damaging measures
Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that Germany could soon see thousands of more coronavirus cases each day, but said she wants to keep the economy open, local media reported. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 11:11:00 +0000
Armenia & Azerbaijan point finger at each other over use of Syrian militants in Nagorno-Karabakh, neither provides any evidence
As clashes between Armenian and Azeri forces continued on Monday over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, the two rivals accused each other of using Syrian militants on the battlefield – but neither provided any proof. Read Full Ar...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 11:10:00 +0000
'Anything not to look like a b*tch': Justin Gaethje says Conor McGregor 'took the easy road' by dodging fight early this year
UFC title challenger Justin Gaethje has launched a furious Twitter salvo at Conor McGregor, saying that the Irishman had his opportunity to fight him in January but opted for an easier fight against Donald Cerrone instead. Read Full Art...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:58:28 +0000
EU summit is ‘chance to reset relations’ with Turkey – Erdogan spokesman
A European Union summit this week could provide an opportunity to reset relations between Turkey and the EU, Ankara has said, adding it expects Brussels to produce specific proposals and a timetable to work on a roadmap together. Read F...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:58:00 +0000
Seoul expands search for missing official shot by N. Korean amid Pyongyang’s warnings against intrusion into its waters
On Monday, South Korea expanded the search for the body of its official killed by North Korean troops at sea last week, and urged that a hotline with Pyongyang be restored to prevent such incidents. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:52:34 +0000
Lewis Hamilton says F1 officials are 'trying to stop him' after Russian GP penalties cost him chance of record-equaling win
Lewis Hamilton has suggested he is being unfairly targeted by Formula One officials as a result of his recent success at Mercedes, after he was handed a pair of five-second penalties at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday. Read Full Articl...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:40:00 +0000
‘Trojan horse’ treatment makes cancer self-destruct without use of drugs
A new experimental treatment reportedly tricks cancer cells into self-destructing, without the use of any drugs, providing new hope for winning the war on many different types of the disease. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:22:43 +0000
'Offensive and disrespectful': Granada mercilessly trolled by OWN SPONSORS after 6-1 thrashing by Atletico Madrid
Granada have slammed their own sponsors, Winamax, after the betting site trolled the club on Twitter following their 6-1 thrashing at the hands of Atletico Madrid on Sunday. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:15:36 +0000
Gulf nations are desperate for higher oil prices
Despite claims that their economies can survive low oil prices, Gulf nations are grappling with a massive half-trillion-dollar budget deficit. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:15:09 +0000
Westminster faces rising discontent over restrictions as it weighs up even tougher lockdown to slow second wave of virus
The British government is considering the introduction of tighter social restrictions in England, as the fight against the second wave of coronavirus intensifies, a junior minister has admitted. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:08:07 +0000
‘Totally illegal’: Trump calls for probe after Project Veritas uncovers alleged VOTER FRAUD scheme connected to Ilhan Omar
US President Donald Trump has called for an investigation following the release of an explosive Project Veritas report that claims to have exposed a cash-for-ballots operation linked to Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. Read Full Article at R...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 10:06:58 +0000
'Ready for the hunt': UFC sensation Khamzat Chimaev trains crosshairs on middleweight champ Israel Adesanya
Khamzat Chimaev has exploded out of the blocks since making his UFC debut, winning three fights since July - and he wants to continue his rapid ascent through the ranks by fast-tracking a title bout with Israel Adesanya. Read Full Artic...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 09:21:39 +0000
Indian startup ShareChat looks to fill void left by TikTok ban
ShareChat, a Twitter-backed Indian social media platform that caters for users in 15 regional languages, is one of many firms looking to fill the gap left by China’s TikTok app after it was banned in India. Read Full Article at RT.com...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 09:20:00 +0000
Baku showcases infantry & artillery in action as Azeri-Armenian border fighting sees opening of second 'propaganda front' (VIDEO)
Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry has rolled out fresh footage of troops fighting a trench battle on the border of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, using mortars, grenade launchers and rocket artillery to pin down opponents. Read Fu...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 09:19:00 +0000
More equal than others: UK parliament U-turns on exempting own bars from coronavirus curfew following outcry
UK citizens are rolling their eyes at their government once again after it emerged that bars in the country’s parliament do not have to abide by the 10pm coronavirus curfew that’s in place across Britain. Read Full Article at RT.com...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 09:13:25 +0000
China’s top chipmaker’s stock tumbles on threat of US sanctions
Share prices of China’s largest semiconductor manufacturer SMIC fell sharply on Monday after reports that the Trump administration will restrict technology sales to the firm over an alleged risk they will be used by the military. Read...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 09:12:00 +0000
Fans claim 5-second clip 'sums up' Neymar as star pulls off OUTRAGEOUS trick before 'faking' injury (VIDEO)
If ever a five-second passage of football encapsulated the mercurial yet often infuriating brilliance of Neymar, it might just be this clip from PSG's match at Reims on Sunday night. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 08:49:00 +0000
Portland police shove protester in WHEELCHAIR, as church burning provokes speculation
Portland was subjected to more protests overnight, as activists and agitators, including one man in a wheelchair, faced off against police. Elsewhere in the city, a church caught fire, prompting speculation as to the culprits. Read Full...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 08:15:00 +0000
Azerbaijan declares partial troop mobilization one day after adversaries Armenia & Nagorno-Karabakh called citizens to arms
With martial law already in place, Azerbaijan has announced a partial conscription call amid intense border fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh. Officials in both the contested region and Armenia declared a full mobilization on Sunday. Read ...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 08:04:57 +0000
President Moon expresses hope for rebooting dialogue with Pyongyang after ‘unfortunate’ killing of South Korean official
President Moon Jae-in has voiced his sadness and frustration over the killing of a South Korean official by North Korean troops but said the tragedy could serve as a springboard for renewed dialogue. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 07:35:06 +0000
Texas gov. issues disaster declaration after BRAIN-EATING amoeba found in tap water supply kills 6-yo boy
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a proclamation mobilizing a rapid government response after the discovery of a deadly amoeba in a local water supply that killed a child. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 06:33:35 +0000
Man uses BEDSHEET ROPE in attempted escape from Auckland Covid-19 quarantine facility
A man who had been ordered to self-isolate at a hotel in Auckland, New Zealand climbed down from his window using a rope made from bedsheets as part of a foiled escape attempt. Authorities are investigating the incident. Read Full Artic...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 06:14:00 +0000
Azerbaijan & Armenia carry on fighting into second day over contested Nagorno-Karabakh region, heavy weaponry deployed overnight
Intense hostilities between Armenian and Azeri forces continued on Sunday night along the border of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Both sides claimed local victories and reported inflicting heavy casualties on one another. Read F...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 06:00:00 +0000
US poised to SHUT DOWN Iraqi embassy over continuous rocket attacks in Baghdad’s Green Zone – reports
Washington is considering closing its embassy in Iraq, nine months after the US killing of an Iranian general on Iraqi soil led to protests over what Baghdad called a “violation” of its sovereignty, according to reports. Read Full A...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 03:32:00 +0000
Twitter slammed for lack of action after journalist tweets Kenosha shooter Rittenhouse should be STABBED TO DEATH in prison
Conservatives have been up in arms over Twitter’s failure to remove a journalist’s call for teen shooter Kyle Rittenhouse to be murdered in prison, while at the same time wiping out tweets in his support. Read Full Article at RT.com...

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 01:41:00 +0000
Former Trump campaign manager Parscale in hospital after wife calls police, says he is ‘armed & suicidal’ – report
Police have been called to a home, reportedly owned by former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, Brad Parscale, after his wife reported he was armed and might hurt himself. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 00:18:00 +0000
Federal judge blocks Trump’s effort to ban TikTok from US app stores
A US District judge has made an 11th hour intervention to block a federal government order prohibiting downloads of TikTok from app stores by American users. Read Full Article at RT.com

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 00:16:00 +0000
'Totally fake news': Trump denies NYT report saying he paid almost no federal taxes, says returns to be released when audit ends
President Donald Trump denied a New York Times report suggesting he paid almost no federal income taxes over the past two decades, saying the truth will be revealed when an Internal Revenue Service audit of his returns is over. Read Ful...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 22:12:00 +0000
Ethnic Armenian mega-star Kim Kardashian West weighs in on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, slams Azerbaijan for ‘unprovoked attacks’
Celebrity businesswoman, and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West, a fourth-generation Armenian-American, has tweeted her support for Armenia amid deadly border clashes with Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Read Ful...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 21:18:00 +0000
US condemns Nagorno-Karabakh violence ‘in strongest terms’, calls on Armenia & Azerbaijan to ‘cease hostilities immediately’
The US Department of State has urged Azerbaijan and Armenia to “cease hostilities immediately,” after Azeri forces launched an offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh. At the same time, the Kremlin has also demanded a halt to the fighting. Re...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 21:11:44 +0000
Still ‘Joe Cool’ in the CLUTCH: Former NFL star Joe Montana wrestles his grandchild away from intruder, stops KIDNAPPING – report
NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana found himself playing defense on Saturday, when he and his wife, Jennifer, reportedly wrestled their grandchild away from an intruder who was allegedly trying to kidnap the baby. Read Full Articl...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 20:55:00 +0000
Ronnie to the rescue: Ronaldo claims future is bright after rescuing 10-man Juventus as Roma give Serie A champs a scare (VIDEO)
Cristiano Ronaldo insisted Juventus had gained a point after his brace saved the champions from defeat at Roma in their first away game of the season, scoring a penalty and a superb header as teammate Adrien Rabiot was sent off. Read Fu...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 20:24:00 +0000
'A generational talent': Messi scores but Fati shades him with two stunning goals as Barcelona run riot against Villarreal (VIDEO)
Ansu Fati, the 17-year-old who was formally made a senior player at Barcelona last week, has shown why the club included a whopping $468 million release fee clause in his new contract after getting their season off to a flyer. Read Full...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 20:09:00 +0000
‘Summon your CONSCIENCE’: Biden turns to moral argument to urge Republican senators to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee
Joe Biden has urged Senate Republicans to block the confirmation of Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett for moral reasons. There are no constitutional grounds by which he could challenge the appointment, however. Read Full A...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 19:49:00 +0000
‘Never trust a conservative!’: Liberals unload on anti-Trump star George Conway for backing president’s SCOTUS nominee
Conservative Trump critic George Conway has earned unlikely love from Democrats due to his frequent Twitter bashing of the president. Yet, his praise for SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett now has liberals frothing with rage. Read Full Ar...

Sun, 27 Sep 2020 19:40:00 +0000
‘Why didn't you hand over power to Yellow Vests?' Belarus’s Lukashenko tells Macron after French leader calls for his resignation
If Emmanuel Macron believes heads of state must resign over street protests, he should have left office himself when Yellow Vest demonstrators took to the streets in France, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said on Sunday. Read Fu...