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2020 A Call For Action

My depression has been going on for 3 years now (last view posted 2016), since the current president was elected on my 70th birthday. I had the flu on my 21st, and this was far, far worse -- and boy has it ever lasted longer.

Now is the time for progressive thinkers to take back control of the US Senate and the Presidency. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. And women, don't forget women, don't ever forget women. Please, please don't let this corrupt, misogynistic xenophobe stay in office. Set an example for our children and grandchildren.

We have GOT to stop this miserable son of a bitch before he destroys more of our country than he already has. Hate groups on the rise. Brutal racists pardoned. Sexual assaults forgiven. Corruption in the White House. Increase in hate crimes. Mass shootings one after another. Flagrant political favors to the donor class. Blatant lie after lie after lie.

International trading partners alienated. Trade wars. Trade wars turn into shooting wars, remember?

A border wall -- are you kidding me? A wall?

Climate denial. Burn more coal. Central Americans migrating northward because rainfall patterns have changed. A wall? You think a wall is going to stop people from trying to eat?

Why can't we have fiscal responsibility AND a strong military AND economic opportunity AND human rights AND social justice AND solar panels AND health care for everyone? Why can't we welcome our neighbors with open arms to contribute to our national economy?

Why can't we have a war on climate change, a greening of America and the planet, and a renaissance of hope in all our hearts?

FDR did it, Lincoln did it. We'd better find that leader who can do it again, before the earth will no longer support life as we know it!

And we'd better do it now. There may not be another chance.

God save us all...