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COVID UPDATE -- My dating site answer to a question

Thanks for asking. The short answer is no.

I have seen the occasional BDSM posting, seeking submissive male, well keep on lookin' baby. There have been a couple majorly negative reactions to my attempts at humor, focusing on the pathos of human experience (them) rather than seeing the humor (me). Other than swiping left, I manage a couple businesses online, and am practicing music on several instruments.

Staring out the window at an identical house next door, wondering about my sanity, wondering whether there will be a new normal, or if we are headed to the mother of all depressions and a Mad Max post-apocalyptic nightmare crumbling of civilization. How's that for a pick-me-up? I'm the guy never had a depressed day in his life, sleep cycles interrupted, trying to dredge up motivation.

Waiting in the 8 am seniors lineup at Trader Joe's, they all seem so old, I prostrate myself before whatever gods may be, please, please don't let me get (hack, kaff, harrumph) conservative. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. I think young.


Straight from Portland Craigslist, household services (cost $5 to post!)

Male house cleaner & helper (Portland area)

Fit, mid-50s gentleman with submissive streak seeks a confident woman who enjoys taking charge.

You: nicely dressed and in need of help around the house.

Me: clothes-free and following your directions. I can clean, do laundry, organize, cook, serve food/drinks, etc. I'm very open to hearing your suggestions and ideas.

I am a white collar professional with a flexible schedule. I do this on the side for fun. :)