Mike's Views

... non-violent, revolutionary, anarchist


"Psychopaths... people who know the differences between right and wrong, but don't give a shit. That's what most of my characters are like."
Elmore Leonard

"I spent most of my dough on booze, broads and boats and the rest I wasted."

"Wonderful things can happen", Vincent said, "when you plant seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes."

"There were a lot of terms you had to learn, as opposed to the shylock business where all you had to know how to say was 'Give me the fuckin money."
Get Shorty

"I always felt, you don't have a good time doin crime, you may as well find a job."

"all over the world...the past was being wiped out by condominiums."
Cat Chaser

"You know what people who go to nude beaches look like?"
"Tell me."
"People who shouldn't go to nude beaches."
Be Cool

"when you're really cute that's all you have to be, you make a career out of it. someone asks you what you do, you say, 'nothing. i'm cute."