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Letter to Frank Bruni

(NY Times Opinion Columnist)

Thanks, Frank, you got me again

re: Bernie the Ogre

As a 73 year old heterosexual white male who wasted too much of his youth in redneck bars, I understand why people voted for Agent Orange (thanks to Spike Lee). He speaks in words of one syllable.

But we are in a war of ideas more than of personalities.

Bernie's ideas represent my way of thinking. During the Eisenhower administration, Ike had a tax structure left over from the New Deal. He built the interstate highway system.

Now, after Reagan & the Bushes, we can't even fix the roads, there are holes the size of a basketball in the Ventura freeway, our streets are cluttered with homeless, mental health care is a faded dream, young people have no hope of owning a home, the environment seems beyond repair and recent hurricanes are nothing compared to what's to come.

Bernie speaks for the common people, for us, for the multitudes. He is winning because of his ideas, not his personality, not what other senators think of him -- they are mostly bought and paid for anyway.

Go Bernie! And remember, AOC turns 35 in October 2024.