Sun, 16 May 2021 19:02:02 GMT
'We'll Transform Ethiopia By Resisting Campaigns Launched Against the Nation'
[ENA] Addis Ababa -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has vowed to transform Ethiopia by resisting the recent launched campaigns against the country "without losing hopes rather cutting ribbons."

Mon, 17 May 2021 05:39:48 GMT
Kenya to Use Refurbished Nanyuki Rail to Increase Cargo to Ethiopia
[Capital FM] Mombasa -- Kenya is seeking to increase cargo movement to Ethiopia using the refurbished Nanyuki railway.

Sun, 16 May 2021 19:03:41 GMT
PM Abiy Discussing With Regional Leadership On Nat'l, Regional Issues
[ENA] Addis Ababa -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is discussing with regional leadership on national and regional geopolitical issues.

Mon, 17 May 2021 06:38:44 GMT
Electoral Board Postpones Election Day
[Ethiopian Herald] Addis Ababa -- The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that the due date of the 6th General Elections, which is scheduled to take place in June 5, 2021 is postponed.

Mon, 17 May 2021 05:10:51 GMT
U.S 'Gravely Concerned' About Denial of Humanitarian Access in Tigray Region
[State Department] The United States is gravely concerned by the increasing number of confirmed cases of military forces blocking humanitarian access to parts of the Tigray region. This unacceptable behavior places the 5.2 million people in the regio...