North Africa

North Africa

Mon, 06 May 2019 11:05:26 GMT
Africa: 'It's Absolutely Crazy!' - Former British Official Denies Alleged Africa 'Invasion' Plan
[allAfrica] Cape Town -Former British Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson has said that reports alleging he wanted to "invade Africa" were leaked to discredit him, writes The Guardian.

Mon, 06 May 2019 09:28:24 GMT
Algeria: Said Bouteflika and Two Former Intelligence Chiefs Arrested
[RFI] Algerian police have arrested Said Bouteflika, the youngest brother of former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and two former intelligence chiefs, Ennahar TV has confirmed.

Mon, 06 May 2019 09:12:41 GMT
Algeria: Protesters Keep Up Demand for Political Overhaul
[Deutsche Welle] Protesters in Algeria have rallied for their eleventh week in a row, continuing calls for the government to step down. Demonstrators have also rejected the army's claim that it is supporting their cause.

Mon, 06 May 2019 07:41:40 GMT
Africa: Popular Protests Pose a Conundrum for the AU's Opposition to Coups
[The Conversation Africa] Sudan's President Omar al Bashir was overthrown in April following months of incessant countrywide protests. Less than two weeks earlier, protesters forced Algeria's long-time President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to step down.

Mon, 06 May 2019 12:14:40 GMT
Algeria: New Marches Countrywide to Demand Departure of System Figures
[Algerie Presse Service] ALGIERS-Demonstrators went out in mass in Algiers for the 11th consecutive Friday, maintaining the same momentum and demands for radical change and the establishment of a real democracy, APS journalists reported.