Pravda Russian News

Wed, 15 May 2019 16:07:00 +0300
Russia successfully gets rid of US dollar
Over the past five years, the Russian government has made certain progress in its struggle against the dependence of the Russian economy on the US dollar. The share of the US dollar in the structure of Russia's currency operations decreased from 79.6...

Tue, 07 May 2019 16:05:00 +0300
Russia to ban plastic tableware
The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation is preparing a bill to ban the sale of disposable plastic tableware, Dmitry Kobylkin, the head of the ministry said. "The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, together with other countri...

Mon, 29 Apr 2019 19:07:00 +0300
Russia deploys electronic warfare systems in Kaliningrad to control Europe
Russia is deploying a complex of electronic warfare  Murmansk-BN in the Kaliningrad enclave. According to the General Staff of the Russian Navy, the system entered service at the Baltic Fleet at the end of 2018, where it was subsequently put to test...

Thu, 25 Apr 2019 15:39:00 +0300
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin find common language in Vladivostok
The talks between the leaders of Russia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or North Korea, as it is commonly referred to, were held on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island. At first, Putin and Kim talked in pr...

Wed, 24 Apr 2019 16:41:00 +0300
Kim Jong-un's dream comes true as his armoured train arrives in Russia
The armored train with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrived at the railway station in Vladivostok at around 11 o'clock in the morning of April 24. Upon his arrival, Kim Jong-un got into a limousine with tinted windows and left the station accompan...

Pravda World News

Tue, 21 May 2019 19:29:00 +0300
Venezuela loses $130 billion because of US sanctions
The losses that Venezuela has suffered as a result of US economic sanctions have totalled $130 billion, Venezuela's Ambassador to Russia, Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa said. According to the diplomat, Venezuela is waging an unequal war against the most...

Tue, 21 May 2019 10:05:00 +0300
"Progress of the World's Women 2019: Families in a Changing World"
Launch of "Progress of the World's Women 2019: Families in a Changing World" WHAT: Launch of UN Women's flagship Report: Progress of the World's Women 2019: Families in a Changing World. The 2019 edition of Progress of the World's Women is an ...

Wed, 15 May 2019 16:28:00 +0300
Iraq wants to buy S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile systems
Iraq has decided to buy Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, Iraqi Ambassador to Russia Haidar Mansur Hadi said. "With regard to air defense systems, the Iraqi government has made a decision. Iraq wants to buy S-400," the diplomat said noting...

Sun, 12 May 2019 20:55:00 +0300
Marta Vieira da Silva appointed as Sustainable Development Goals Advocate
UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Marta Vieira da Silva appointed as Sustainable Development Goals Advocate The UN Secretary-General António Guterres today announced the appointment of world-renowned soccer player Marta Vieira da Silva as one of his new...

Sat, 13 Apr 2019 20:33:00 +0300
Declaration of Florence: For an International Front NATO Exit
Declaration of Florence: For an International Front NATO Exit The risk of a vast war which, with the use of nuclear weapons, could mean the end of Humanity, is real and growing, even though it is not noticed by the general public, which is maintained...


Thu, 23 May 2019 00:02:53 +0000
Ireland launches privacy probe into Google for personal data hoarding & trading
The Irish internet privacy watchdog is investigating whether Google's collection and use of personal data on its Ad Exchange platform violates EU laws, potentially putting Google on the hook for millions of euros in fines. Read Full Art...

Wed, 22 May 2019 22:55:28 +0000
Persian Gulf ‘under complete control’ of Iran, Revolutionary Guards commander claims
A commander in Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has said that the Persian Gulf is “under the full control” of Iran’s military and US ships are “not a concern,” even as the US claimed victory in the Iran standof...

Wed, 22 May 2019 22:30:25 +0000
Where’s the other 110k? Pentagon mulls sending ‘up to 10,000’ troops amid Iran tensions – reports
US Central Command has asked the Pentagon to send up to 10,000 additional troops to the Middle East, citing threat from Iran even as the Trump administration boasted about having successfully ‘deterred’ Tehran already. Read Full Art...

Wed, 22 May 2019 22:03:41 +0000
UK told to give back Chagos Islands in overwhelming UN vote
The United Nations has ordered Britain to give up sovereignty over a series of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, home to a key military base. The decision was approved by a supermajority of member states. Read Full Article at

Wed, 22 May 2019 21:06:32 +0000
US shutters large migrant facility in Texas amid flu outbreak
The US border control agency has halted intake at a migrant holding facility in Texas after an outbreak of a “flu-related illness.” The closure comes just one day after a 16-year-old detainee died in custody. Read Full Article at RT...