Pakistan World News

Tue, 23 Jul 24 04:29:23 +0500
VP Harris secures delegates, campaigns in Wisconsin as presidential candidate
Harris became party's presumed nominee after President Biden withdraws from his re-eelction campaign

Tue, 23 Jul 24 08:52:12 +0500
Japan sanctions four Israeli settlers in West Bank crackdown
Japan to freeze assets and press Israel to halt settlement activities completely.

Tue, 23 Jul 24 08:21:36 +0500
India's Modi government to propose annual budget in parliament
FM Nirmala Sitharaman will propose the budget, emphasizing agriculture, defense, education, and infrastructure.

Tue, 23 Jul 24 08:29:46 +0500
Biden calls for justice for Sonya Massey's family after fatal police shooting
Biden highlighted that Black Americans often face fears for their safety in ways many others do not.

Tue, 23 Jul 24 08:01:10 +0500
US Senator Merkley boycotts Netanyahu's speech to Congress
Merkley criticized Netanyahu's war strategy, saying it prioritized political survival over the release of hostages.

Tue, 23 Jul 24 07:15:19 +0500
Two men charged with threats against Canadian PM Trudeau, top leaders
RCMP charge two men with threatening to kill PM Trudeau, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

Tue, 23 Jul 24 08:15:19 +0500
Israeli athletes to receive high security at Paris 2024 Olympics
Shin Bet will manage security for around 88 Israeli athletes and their teams.

Tue, 23 Jul 24 08:11:09 +0500
US and Iraqi officials meet for security cooperation talks
The officials will discuss the transition of the global coalition's mission against Daesh/ISIS.

Tue, 23 Jul 24 05:42:52 +0500
Islamic body condemns Israeli attack on UN convoy to Gaza
The OIC called for international action to impose a ceasefire on Israeli military aggression and ensure aid to Gaza.

Mon, 22 Jul 24 17:22:42 +0500
Georgian premier claims Trump victory could expedite end of Ukraine war
Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze hopes, that the Trump's victory could end two years deadly war in the region

Tue, 23 Jul 24 06:49:19 +0500
N. Korean media comments on US election
While acknowledging Trump's efforts to build ties during his presidency, column says no positive change was brought in

Mon, 22 Jul 24 19:01:25 +0500
10 terror convicts hanged in iraq: sources reveal
Under Iraqi law, terrorism and murder offences are punishable by death, before endorse by the President

Mon, 22 Jul 24 14:42:12 +0500
Sam Altman gave people $1,000 a month for 3 years—here's what happened
OpenAI CEO advocates for universal basic income as solution to economic disruptions caused by AI advancements.

Mon, 22 Jul 24 09:06:06 +0500
TikTok star converts liposuction fat into homemade soap
Connecticut's Robert Tolppi makes soap from his liposuction fat, with reactions ranging from amazed to disgusted

Mon, 22 Jul 24 18:33:19 +0500
Nancy Pelosi backs Kamala Harris for White House run
Virtually all prominent Democrats seen as potential challengers to the vice president have lined up behind her

Tue, 23 Jul 24 08:01:32 +0500
Japanese man dies fighting for Russia in Ukraine
Broadcaster NHK identifies man as a 29-year-old former soldier who left Japan and was killed in blast in Donetsk

Mon, 22 Jul 24 19:39:44 +0500
Ethiopia landslide claims 55 lives, say local officials
More than 55 bodies have been recovered from the Gofa zone according to local officials

Sun, 21 Jul 24 20:25:11 +0500
La Rochelle sees turbulence as protesters clash with police
Protest against reservoirs construction leads to injures, arrest and property damage

Sun, 21 Jul 24 07:35:03 +0500
South Korea's first lady faces scrutiny over Dior bag, stock manipulation
South Korean law bans public officials and their spouses from accepting anything worth more than $750

Sun, 21 Jul 24 07:28:04 +0500
Russia launches fifth drone attack on Kyiv in two weeks
Ukraine's air force say its air defence systems destroyed 35 of 39 drones and two cruise missiles Russia has launched

Sun, 21 Jul 24 02:33:28 +0500
Cyprus 50 years on: A tale of division and diverging memories
Greek Cypriots mourn, Turkish Cypriots celebrate as reconciliation remains elusive

Sat, 20 Jul 24 18:11:07 +0500
30 missing as flash flood sweeps through southwest China
Dozens of homes damaged as heavy rains trigger flood in Sichuan province

Fri, 19 Jul 24 20:12:15 +0500
Mexico's president urges trump on open borders, rejects drug trafficking tie
Mexican leader plans to explain importance of economic integration and that migrants do not bring drugs into US