Pakistan World News

Fri, 21 Jun 24 07:14:19 +0500
Israel-Hezbollah clashes spark fears of widening Gaza conflict
Hezbollah says it fired dozens of rockets into northern Israel in retaliation for deadly air strike in south Lebanon

Fri, 21 Jun 24 06:11:05 +0500
US and China hold first informal nuclear talks in 5 years, eyeing Taiwan
Track Two talks are part of two-decade nuclear weapons that stalled after Trump administration pulled funding in 2019

Fri, 21 Jun 24 06:39:37 +0500
What are the protests regarding entry tests in India about?
Medical aptitude exam 'NEET' saw 2.4m candidates vying for 100,000 spots, sparking protests and allegations in India

Fri, 21 Jun 24 05:38:33 +0500
Trump says foreigners who graduate from US colleges should get green cards
Investor Jason Calacanis tells Trump that US needs to be able to legally retain more high-skilled workers

Thu, 20 Jun 24 04:56:27 +0500
Israel may have violated laws of war in Gaza, UN rights office says
Head of UN inquiry accused the Israeli military of carrying out an "extermination" of Palestinians

Pakistani News

Fri, 21 Jun 24 06:56:28 +0500
Political landscape shifts as Miftah Ismail and Shahid Khaqan launch new party
The 'Awaam Pakistan' party plans to formally launch with 17 founding members in early July

Fri, 21 Jun 24 06:10:47 +0500
PMD predicts heavy rainfall across Pakistan over next 24 hours
Says strong winds and rain have already begun in various parts of country

Fri, 21 Jun 24 05:10:48 +0500
Death toll of Pakistani Hajj pilgrims hits 58
Global casualties cross 1,000 due to extreme heat

Fri, 21 Jun 24 03:32:51 +0500
PML-N, PPP spar amid political tensions
Some analysts believe recent exchange of harsh words won’t affect their relations

Fri, 21 Jun 24 06:08:53 +0500
Pakistan pushes for global protocol on cyberwarfare amid Indian disinformation allegations
Ambassador Munir Akram says Pakistan attached immense importance to leveraging digital technologies